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So, you get married and the standard silk and lace long wedding dress is not your style? Or maybe white is just not your color? Did you swear to yourself that you never would have taffeta wedding? (Who can blame you?) Not only that, you’ve always had a fantasy to get dressed as a pirate queen! Every bride has a vision for the perfect Alternative corset wedding dresses, some traditional, some pretty weird. Here are some ideas of what we think is going to do some very cool couture wedding dresses.

Steampunk Bride

You like the idea of ??lace and corsets, couture wedding dresses, but the edge. After all, you look like a delicate fairy princess, but you can kick butt the best of them! Plus, there is no way you’re giving up boots. Is it a tribute to the past or your future? Tailored jacket distressed lace wedding dress, hand-made leather corset, heavy clockwork jewelry and metal armor – go wild! Almost everything going for steampunk bride. He, his one-of-a-kind dress is so romantic and hardcore, unique in every way, and ready for any occasion. Hit the vintage shops and boutiques ideas before presenting your presentation seamstress / designer.

Beach Babe

Alternative corset wedding dresses 2013For lovers of sun and sea, what could be better than catching some waves at once, saying “I do”? Sensitive maillot and a wrap-inspired band would be the perfect seaside Alternative corset wedding dresses, to show off a beautiful holiday tan. Or consider the intricately beaded sarong over bikinis brave. You could probably do the whole trousseau around this theme, if you decide to spend your honeymoon close to the beach. You do not even need shoes!

High Fantasy

Alternative corset wedding dresses blackHave you ever wanted to dress up as an angel, fairy, Warrior Princess, or the alien empress? What better occasion than a wedding? You may need to do a bit of research, but rather to figure out how to perform a complex design when it comes to high-fantasy couture Alternative corset wedding dresses. Check out the costume shops and bookstores, fantasy, as well as traditional bridal shops for ideas.

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