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Writing a perfume can be likened to compose beautiful music. Must always be in balance, upper, middle and base notes. The top note, like citrus scents, the most unstable material tends to evaporate quickly. Top notes are light, refreshing quality is immediately apparent. When you smell the BCBG max azria perfume, the top scent smell first.

The middle notes, as most of the floral scents, forms the heart of odor and generally account for the majority of the composition.

BCBG max azria perfume 2013Finally the base notes of the fragrance depth and action of the most volatile components of the fixative. In addition to the rose and jasmine, they tend to be heavier, richer smells like woods, spices and resins.

BCBG max azria perfume macysAll BCBG max azria perfume are composed of a few different types of families. These are: Floral, Oriental, fruit, green, and Oceanic / Ozone.

Flower category contains scents of flowers such as rose, lily, carnation, daffodil, ylang-ylang, tuberose and violet.

Orientals forests, grasses, herbs, resins, musk and amber. These include cinnamon, nutmeg, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood and incense.

Fruit category includes a variety of scents like bergamot fruit, peach, apple and mandarin.

Green scents are scents like pine, lavender and Oakmoss.

In addition, a relatively new oceanic / ozone family of fragrances synthetically produced to mimic the fresh smells of the sea, the mountain air or on freshly washed linen.

It is important to remember that many perfumes are composed of more than one type of class, and that some of the ingredients of each type may cross over to another.

BCBG max azria perfume natureIn the 18th and early 19 centuries, perfume was sold in small stores still where they were made. But in the late nineteenth century, the production of BCBG max azria perfume began to become industrialized countries with synthetic materials, technological developments have made it possible.

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