BCBG wedge shoes

BCBG wedge shoes are made waves in the past as a popular alternative to high heels. Technically, the wedge shoe a sort of platform shoes, although most designers would be reluctant to the idea. But if you take a look, it is the beginning of a shoe. Its sole purpose is to provide the user with extra height in God amount infusing style shoes. Platform shoes has a long and well documented history. The idea of ??giving the height is one that has been seen throughout history. After all, the height and the height is used as proof of efficacy.

BCBG wedge shoes blueThey were popular in ancient Greece, where athletes wore them extra height. Today’s platform shoes are usually the realm of women’s shoes. Although height increasing shoes for men are still in the basic current court shoes. It should be noted that the pumps do not actually add much to the height, in contrast to wedge the shoe. Unlike high heels, BCBG wedge shoes the sole is made of a single material. The first versions were created in the early 20th century, and there has been great variation for.

We are currently one of the few periods in which wedge shoes are very popular. Design, it looks pretty thick shoes and this may discourage some women are looking for something more elegant and less visible with their feet. Unfortunately, because the base is made in one piece, there is no escaping profile of a thick wedge shoes, especially if the heel area is very high. But there is a particular advantage in its design. It is highly convenient to use than high heels are.

BCBG wedge shoes trendsThis is how to distribute the weight of the substrate. BCBG wedge shoes are only two points of contact with the surface of the toes and heel. This puts a lot of pressure on these two areas, and will eventually lead to foot problems down the line. The risk of problems arising wedge shoes are very limited. In addition, wedge shoes are much more comfortable than high heels. You usually will not experience any pain associated with high heels after a long day of walking. But the fall is very large wedges can still get a back problem.

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