Black diamond engagement rings

Black diamond engagement rings are indeed a rare treat. An engagement ring having these stones makes it unique and gorgeous take of understated elegance and mystical appearance.


These stones are also known as Carbonado stone. It is interesting to note that scientists believe these stones originated in the state supernovae explosions. These diamond stones can sometimes weigh thousands of carats.

The black color of these stones is not due to any impurities, such as other colored stones. This is due to the fact that they contain minerals such as hematite, magnetite and sulphide.


Black diamond engagement rings for womenBlack diamond engagement rings there are many options. Normally, the smaller diamonds are set into orbit style in cascades of gold. Sometimes a row of black and white diamonds set in claw setting giving dramatic effect. Also, these can be put in a striped fashion along with white diamonds. Larger diamonds are usually set in a central gem stone surrounded by a cluster of white diamonds.


Black diamonds are all the rage now a days. It is not only women, but this kind of jewelry will attract a lot of men too. Sometimes the big black diamond ring is a magical, masculine appeal.

Black diamond engagement rings imagesBlack diamond engagement rings are a bold combination of beauty, rarity and sophistication that will be cherished forever. The tires are these stones look very elegant and noble, when set with white metal, such as silver, white gold and platinum, or titanium, in fact.


Cleaning the diamond regularly to give it maximum sparkle and keep it in the best possible condition. Cleaning, rinse the diamond in hot water. After that soak the diamond cleaning solution (available with leading jewelery stores) for some time. Scrub the diamond with a soft brush at different angles to clean all surfaces. Again rinse the diamond in hot water and then buff with a clean cloth.

Black diamond engagement rings princess cut