Black girl long hair

Several decades, the social significance of Black girl long hair remained relevant part of black history. Unlike other American cultural trends, black hairstyles represent a significant history and pride among black women. Where else in the play itself worth and self-esteem as a high status in society? When black women’s salon new hairdo, many times they have to look at “the whole picture”, taking into account the social message that they are sending when walking out of the salon and the black community.

Black girl long hairstyles for promSince 1400, when the slaves were “New World”, they were made to change hairstyles more traditional European standards. This included the use of herbs and plants that relaxed their coarse hair, which give the appearance of finer hair. Through slave times, black women are used to their European counterparts had hair straightened, combed and parted. Since then, black women often make fun of choosing Black girl long hair.

Black girl long hairs trendsIn modern times, black women have chosen to adapt to Western society and their hairstyles or go for a more natural look. During the late sixties, made the “Afro” and more traditional ways of wearing the hair debut. Picture freedom and pride led to the movement of El natural look. But it was just that the trend came and went, and in the near future, is likely to come again. But since then, a number of black women chosen Black girl long hair that are “Americanized” and reflects societal views of beautiful hair. Nothing is clear that the trend on the enormous amount of money spent each year on different hairstyles for black salons.

Black girl long hairstyles