Blonde and brown hairstyles

Blonde and brown hairstyles is by far the easiest to maintain, but there are fewer styles to choose from compared to long hairstyles. But all is not lost, how you have it cut, blown dry, curly or straight, can make a big difference to how you look. If you are lucky enough to have a patient hairdresser who is also game to try something new each time, you can be sure that heads will turn every time you give yourself a hair makeover.

Blonde and brown hairstyles 2013Using a hair straightener or curling iron innovatively can result in a hairstyle that is the envy of even celebrities. As an example, a very stylish straight hair that breaks into the big beautiful Blonde and brown hairstyles just below eye level that frame your face. Or you can part your hair to the side and the top layer of hair that would be a pro ‘messy’ cut to suggest a carefree attitude that is also serious.

Then there are fringe and waves die for resting just above your eyebrows or semi-fringe running into a short wavy curls just resting on your shoulders. Short layered cut at chin level ends blown dry to turn outwards, giving you a very elegant and professional look. If you want to go breezy look, try a very short hair style thick tight curls of the head.

Blonde and brown hairstyles highlightsYou could go a neat shoulder length Blonde and brown hairstyles in layers and layers of stress by alternating between brushing inwards and outwards while blow drying. Or keep it really short center parting, and very shortly before dissolution in a riot soft curls and spiral waves. This hairstyle looks great on the right side of the highlights. For blonde hair, you can use a wine-red highlights, light brown hair, blonde highlights.

Blonde and brown hairstyles trends