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We’ve all experienced a bad hair day, but how many of you have done it all the time bad hair mistake if you just want to curl up and die. At least the bad hair day thing problem is usually arranged in a couple of hours, but bad hair mistake, let’s say it includes dyeing your hair a different color from platinum Blonde hair color just because your favorite celebrity has dyed theirs, so it may be for some, quite serious impact on how you look. Hairstyles can also do the same, if not inconsistent with the shape of your face.

Blonde hair color style 2013Just because Lady Gaga, Lily Allen, or, or anyone else for hair color made them look fabulous does not mean it will do the same for you. Another common bad hair mistake is when girls go Blonde hair color because they heard them yellow hair supposed to be fun, yes, but remember, probably looked like a fool too.

Blonde hair color style ideasWhen choosing Blonde hair color to dye your hair your skin type should be considered first. You may bet most pop and film stars are an expert stylist will advise them in advance about what best suits their skin tone. If you know what color is best for you, so there is no chance of ever having to leave some hair holding back tears, because you’ve never done your homework.

How you can avoid picking the wrong hair color

Choosing a new hair color does not work with a paint palette, where you can choose and let go. You need to work with your natural skin tone. There are four colors: black, olive, porcelain and peaches and cream with lots of shades of pink in it.

If you are ready for a change and decided to go darker then “olive” skin is the most versatile and can be a rich auburn, but if you’re peaches and cream in a sense, then ignore these colors, which the flushing of the cheeks more. Harsh red can look fabulous porcelain skin, you only need to look at the big name celebrities like Florence Welch, Paloma Faith and Nicola Roberts Girls Aloud, the famous girl band in X Factor judge Cheryl Cole was, and we saw this week, a new shade of red hair, who said Red had not been hot.

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