Blue Vera Wang Wedding Dress to Go Back to Classic Wedding

It cannot be denied that Vera Wang has a good reputation as a wedding dress designer. She is so talented in that world. It is proven from the collections she creates. As an outstanding designer, she is recognized as a person who is not afraid to cross to do new experiments in fashion. That is why several wedding dresses designed by her are not common. The uncommonness is not in a bad way but in a good one. People consider that the commonness that Vera Wang offers is a part of her ideas to make the dresses exclusive and different. One of her unique collection is a blue Vera Wang wedding dress. She is inspired by classic wedding dresses. Many years ago, wedding dresses are not presented with white color. In Victorian era, those are in blue. Then, the designer wants to inform that news for modern brides.

Blue Vera Wang wedding dress 2013If you are interested to make your wedding more meaningful, you can go with blue for the wedding dress. You can break the tradition of white wedding dresses by wearing a blue Vera Wang wedding dress. In addition, the dress is designed exclusively to fulfill the needs of modern brides. The dress is a good point to show that you are unique. You respect with the old tradition that the blue was the color employed in classic wedding. You can keep your modern look by wearing a blue strapless dress. In wedding boutiques, there are many options of blue Vera Wang dress for wedding. Besides strapless dresses, you can pick a one shoulder dress to look modern when you are going back to classic wedding by wearing a blue dress.

Blue Vera Wang wedding dress imagesAnother option for modern blue Vera Wang wedding dress is empire waistline. If in classic weddings a A line or a ball gown is presented, in modern era, a dress with Grecian style like empire waistline is lovely to choose. You can also look sophisticated with a mermaid dress. For you who adore classic wedding, Vera Wang designs the dress with lace. The fabric is used as additional adornments like for the train. The dress can be a perfect choice to wear in your beautiful day.

Blue Vera Wang wedding dress style