Bohemian hairstyles for long hair

When the fashion to refer to so many different time periods and cultures, now is a good time for girls to try out a hairstyle that set them apart from their classmates.

Bohemian hairstyles for long hair 2013It is refreshing to see a return to the natural look of Bohemian hairstyles for long hair. Stars such as Janelle Monae, Esperanza Spalding, and Solange Knowles embracing spiral curls they were born, that is, the appearance of both the original and cheaper than paying relaxers.A good looking for them on the way back to the corridors and campuses are natural mohawk. Antoinette Funky Mohawkis High Style It brings the same drama Pompadour, but may appear in a bold color that well.By to cut the sides short and teasing the center, students will notice it emphasizes the eyes and throat, making it a wise choice for those who want a dramatic eye shadow and statement necklaces. Another good-looking women who want to cut your hair short is updated pageboy. Dominique’s hair style with a heavy blunt bangs, a popular trend in the fall, with a healthy, shiny locks.

Bohemian hairstyles for long hair imagesThe great thing about Bohemian hairstyles for long hair style is that it is a stylish and architecturally, and references, as well as the 1920’s and 60’s Mod. Girls who have a flair for mixing vintage pieces with modern clothes will love the versatility and movement, this surgery to give them. It also has an angular cheekbones and expressive eyes in a way that is both sensual and innocent. Those who want to try medium length style should give Bohemian hairstyles for long hair, cut into a jagged wave a try. Cut a completed front of the skyline frames the face on one side and the other turned out to be. To help achieve this, the bangs cut a corner short and spiky on the other side for a long time and turned to the other. This look can be too high to cover the forehead and put the focus on the beautiful eyes.

Bohemian hairstyles for long hair trends