Brown Bohemian Bridesmaid Dress and the Rules to Choose

There are a lot of concepts for wedding. Recently, many couples tend to be more interested in a unique concept. One of recommended themes for that sweet moment is bohemian. Romantic, chic, and lovely are three things that you can get for applying that wedding. In addition, bohemian theme is conducted in an outdoor area. The decorations are mostly made naturally. It is a good way to send a message that going back to nature is nice. Smartly, your wedding can make an implicit campaign for that. To make a perfect bohemian wedding party, you need to make all elements bohemian including the dress that your bridesmaids wear. I have good recommendation for that. What about a brown bohemian bridesmaid dress? Is it lovely, right?

Brown bohemian bridesmaid dress ideasI pick brown because that color is identical with natural things like soil and tree. In addition, the color is nice for any skin tone. So, you don’t need to be afraid that the color cannot look good for white skinned bridesmaids or dark skinned bridesmaids. Both will look adorable in brown. A wonderful brown bohemian bridesmaid dress can be knee length or tee length. High low or asymmetrical hemline is also fascinating for the dress. To avoid a competition with you in relation to the dress, you should make the dress different from your wedding dress. That is why I don’t put long dresses in my recommendation. For the neckline, halter brown bohemian bridesmaid dress is nice. It can balance your V neckline wedding dress. Details on the dress should be simple. A fabric waistband is enough. Then the bridesmaids can mix and match with bohemian accessories.

Brown bohemian bridesmaid dress 2013You just need to be careful in choosing a brown bohemian bridesmaid dress. As a bride, it is normal that you want to grab it when looking at a lovely dress. However, you need to figure out that the queen at the wedding is you. So, don’t let people there draw their attention to your bridesmaids instead of you. You had better control your passion in choosing a dress for them. But, it does not mean that you forbid them to look beautiful in your wedding. Your task is just finding the dress for them. After that, you need to let them do the rest.

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