Camo Tux with Camo Dress for Wedding

Having different theme of wedding is such huge pride for some people. That is also a good idea to make the guests remember that memorable moment. If you want that kind of wedding, besides beach wedding, you can choose camo to apply. That can be an incredible and interesting wedding ever. The wedding is lovely to be held in outdoor. It can be in a ranch, botanical garden, or a forest. Whatever the place is, that should provide camo atmosphere. Then, talking about what you are going to wear to come to the wedding, you have to prefer camo tux with camo dress of course. The tux is for the groom and the dress is for the bride.

Camo tux with camo dress imagesUsually, camo theme is chosen by military members for their wedding. Other people who are interested in this theme is hunters. Well, if you are not a military member or like hunting in a forest but you are an adventurous person who like doing outdoor activities, you can still bring the theme for your own wedding. For the models and designs of camo tux with camo dress, you can choose based on your taste and preference. Discussing about the tuxedo first, you can wear that outfit with camo pattern at the entire of the tux. However, if you prefer to give some silent parts on your look, combination is necessary. You can wear a camo vest under the suit. Then, cover it with a black costume. Or you can wear a camo pattern suit with black shirt and black tie. If you are not confident to wear camo trousers, black is the best preference for the trousers.

Camo tux with camo dress ideasA wedding dress for a bride is such a center point in the party. That is why to look perfect the bride wants to get a right dress for wedding. If you have a great camo tux for your groom, it is time for you to look for a nice camo dress for yourself. To look modern, you can wear a camo mermaid dress with a little touch of orange to give a bold on the dress. The bold can be attached at the waistline or neckline. Because camo tux with camo dress should match each other, the pattern of your dress should be same with your husband to be.

Camo tux with camo dress style