Cheetah Print Dress Designs 2013

If somebody gives you cheetah print cloth, what will you do? What kind of dress will you make with the dress? Well, it can be denied that finding a good design to make a dress is not easy. Buying a dress in a boutique is more preferable for many women since they just need to grab one and go to a fitting room. They can feel whether the dress is good for their body or not. However, having the cloth tailored is not that simple. If you get wrong in choosing a model and design, you will regret since the dress cannot be worn. The key that you need to figure out well is considering your body shape well and looking for inspiration of cheetah print dress design 2013 to get the best one.

Cheetah print dress for girlsYou can choose whether you want to use the cloth for edgy or girly look. Going edgy is able to be gained by making a shirt from the cheetah print cloth. Then, pair it with a pair of black pencil pants, suspenders, and black boots. You will look like a country singer with that costume. However, if you want to look girly and sweet, a cheetah print dress is what you should make. There are a lot of designs you can prefer. You can go with off shoulder with long tight sleeves. The knee length dress is lovely to wear if you want to push your elegant style. At the waist, pleating style is started on the A line skirt.

Cheetah print dress 2013A sleeveless cheetah print dress is also recommended. To make your look more stand out, a little black shade is needed. You can add the shade for the oversized fabric obi on the belly part. You can accentuate your sexiness by making neckline of the dress plunging. It can make you look slim and adorable. Or, you can also go with a straight dress. You will look gorgeous in the dress which is the elbow length sleeves are ruched. If you are so proud of your perfect body, a strapless short cheetah print dress is nice to choose.

Cheetah print dress for women