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Citrine Jewelry Engagement rings are made beautiful yellow-colored quartz gemstone in the center of the setting. Since quartz is the most abundant mineral found in the varieties of quartz to make jewelry with jewelers to create beautiful pieces at discounted prices. Citrine engagement rings can vary from pale yellow to deep orange color is a hint of brown in it.

You will find that cheap citrine engagement rings are available in many places that sell wedding sets. Such as amethyst citrine set cheap engagement rings create a unique one of a kind wedding sets. Most brides want to be the jewelry is special and reflect on the love they have for their bride.

Citrine engagement rings 2013In general, a ring set Citrine engagement rings is a small carat size. This is partly due to the fact that the natural veins of quartz to produce a piece of this gemstone is a carat in size. Larger pieces created when the citrine is a man-made radiation amethyst.

Citrine engagement rings yellowCreating a Citrine engagement rings are more common in the creation of this jewel of gold in settings. Golden Band is beautiful, but citrine gemstone silver rings allows the yellow color gemstone silver band stand out. When you set this stone in a golden setting gemstone loses some of its ability to capture the attention of the viewer.

The cost of this gem is one of the main attractions, but this is a hard mineral that prices hardness of seven on the Mohs hardness scale. This hardness makes it a great jewelry pieces, because the stone is not easy to break and chip away. Transparency gemstone to give it a lustier who wanted a wedding set with diamonds and this inexpensive gem shines beautifully.

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