Converse basketball shoes

When the Converse Rubber Corporation started in 1908, no one thought that 100 years later would be known for their high fashion shoes.

Company that started in Massachusetts was the first sale of work shoes and overshoes. Two years later, the company sells 4,000 pairs of shoes a day. To increase their profits and to get a job in they started making athletic shoes.

Converse basketball shoes 2013In 1917, they began to sell Converse basketball shoes, rubber and canvas. Shoe, from the beginning, it was not so popular. But a person who had them were Charles H. Taylor. He thought it was perfect for basketball and loved them. At the time he was 17-year-old high school student and played basketball in Akron Firestones. He wanted to be a famous basketball player, but ended up being a salesman Converse All Star.

Converse basketball shoes blackTaylor Converse started working in 1921, and in 1932 he got his own model called the Chuck Taylor. He toured the United States and to promote the shoe. Converse basketball shoes work he did was really good at marketing, and he was the perfect seller. In 1957, a low cut model came when people started to wear sneakers more. Generation, which was at that time the school does not want to stop them and started using them to work, and even the adults started wearing sneakers. At the time, Converse had 80% of the shares in the sneaker industry. Between 1970 and 1980, the band’s members began to wear shoes. Some of them were AC / DC, Ramones and Nirvana. Tommy Ramone once said: “It was punky and snotty wear sneakers instead of shoes. Punky and snotty was very important to Ramones.”

Converse basketball shoes wadeConverse basketball shoes can also be seen in numerous films such as Grease, Rocky, West Side Story, and Happy Days.

Although the brand is well known and sneakers were more popular than ever, the company had a tough time in 1970, ownership changed several times. The competition was fierce, and one of their main competitors of Nike. Many years later, Nike really took over the company, and today, Nike is the owner of the trademark.

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