Converse tennis shoes

Many young adults find themselves struggling to shed its college-age person while trying to break into the labor market. I have always had a T-shirt and jeans person and I had a really hard time turning myself in business casual type of employee that my office job requires. I felt that I had given up all of my fashion personality is an office worker I would be. I had to find a way to incorporate who I really was part of the worker was expected to be if I were to keep my sanity and my work.

Curly prom hairstyles for short hairWhen I looked in the closet trying to decide what was part of my wardrobe that I missed most while in office in the world, I realized that it had to be in my Converse tennis shoes. I used these shoes every day since I was in high school and was sad to see that the person on the go. It was then and there that I decided to start using my Converse tennis again, and this time it would work.

Converse tennis shoes for menI like Converse tennis shoes in a classic. Not only are they a fashion statement to say what I do not know, but they were an important part of the person I advertised myself. After more than a decade of wearing them, they had been a part of my personality, and I could not ignore them anymore.

Converse tennis shoes for womenMy favorite pair of Converse tennis shoes are my black and white stars. I think black and white pretty much go for anything so I do not expect to find a hard time putting them together in business casual office attire. The first experimental outfit consisted of a pair of black trousers, white shirt and a proper matching black and white Converse sneakers. I went into the office very nervous that morning, just waiting for someone to say something. Fortunately, no one ever did.

I started wearing my Converse tennis to work regularly, at least once a week. No one has ever said a word. I was glad to have a little bit of my personality back and to be honest, they are also the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, so that was an added bonus. I think it’s important to keep your self esteem when you try to include yourself in the world of business. After all, happy employees are productive employees, and improve everyone’s bottom line.