Cushion cut halo engagement rings and Black Explained

Diamonds have always been regarded as a permanent symbol of intimacy and love, self-serving mantra of “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Recently, Cushion cut halo engagement rings and black diamond engagement rings has created a way for brides to show the difference and uniqueness, because they violate the norms.

Black diamonds are quite similar to traditional diamonds as far as composite and features. Basically, the only difference is the color black. This color is a result of the graphite inclusions or, more generally, these days, an additional unit of radiation and heat. Even though black diamonds are not bright sparkle of diamonds, they are unique and tremendous shine.

Cushion cut halo engagement rings imagesNormally black diamond weighs a lot more than a clear diamond, while a one-carat diamond is larger than the black diamond. Historically and traditionally, the Cushion cut halo engagement rings is to be clear and no one would have ever considered deviate from standards. But times have changed, and today’s world, where many people are looking for uniqueness, black diamonds are now becoming more popular than ever before.

Black diamonds are the common new-age brides who are to break tradition and make a bold statement by wearing something with more power. Black diamonds are also a mystical element attached to them, a factor that makes them attractive to many.

Cushion cut halo engagement rings paveIf you are looking for an engagement ring that is guaranteed to last time, the cushion cut engagement ring can be a perfect option for you. Once very popular in the 1900’s, Cushion cut halo engagement rings are starting to make their way back into the mainstream as the popularity of old-school ring design to sneak back to the present. This type of ring would be suitable for those who want to bestow love of classic masterpiece, which has an affinity does not seem to slow down.

Cushion cut halo engagement rings style