Cute acrylic purple nails trend of 2013

Celebrities use it, and beauty gurus have talked about it, but what are Cute acrylic purple nails? It may sound so unusual and voguish but acrylic nails have actually been around for decades. The only difference is that they are better than ever.

What are acrylic nails?
You may have already noticed this at salons. Ever since its invention in 1970, they have now evolved into a fashionable statement manicure.

Cute acrylic purple nails ideasThe essential chemical called PMMA acrylic polish, which allows the product to be durable. Mixed with monomer liquid and sculpture, the result would be a synthetic version of the Cute acrylic purple nails.

How to Apply Acrylic Nails
If you are new here, it is best to have a nail technician to use them for you. Because, in fact, a person can apply this without a professional certification. Everyone understands, the following process of how this is used.

Clean Up
It is important that the nail bed cleaned with rubbing alcohol to get rid of oil and bacteria. This is due to the nail bed must be completely clean and dry before being implemented.

Before the introduction of, or application of a primer first brushed on the nails, such as methacrylic acid. This makes the acrylic nail to improve compliance with the natural nail. This is also rubbed into the acrylic nail plate to remove dirt and oil just prior to application.

Nail technician, first glue the tip of each nail plate and nail to customize them. Technician mixed with acrylic resin by dipping the brush acrylic liquid and then to get some acrylic to create a circular blob. This is then spread out over the nail tip. This process will continue until the desired outcome is achieved.

Cute acrylic purple nails 2013Finishing
When the resin is completely dry, the nail technician edit it for some of the tools. After the Cute acrylic purple nails can be painted in any color and paint the protective jacket.

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