CZ engagement rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Girls are not easy to recruit and diamonds are not cheap to buy. Everyone wants to propose with a pretty diamond ring, but not everyone has that kind of money to buy a beautifully carved brilliant cut diamond ring. What do we do? We are buying a beautifully-cut CZ engagement rings instead of a real diamond rings. CZ is synthetically made from semi-precious stone. This is as close to diamond in terms of brilliance that only a trained eye can make out the difference. Cubic zirconia has been popular since 1976.

CZ engagement rings for womenZirconia rings are quite a lot of advantages, of which the largest is the price. These tires are a fraction of the cost of the same size would cost diamond rings. Because zirconia is produced in a controlled environment to monitor a certain number of characteristics such as clarity and color. Therefore, they are clean and can be done in almost every color. CZ rings are durable, so do not worry about them chipping easily.

CZ engagement rings white goldUnlike diamonds, CZ engagement rings of diameter and weight (carat). Between diamond and cubic zirconia of the same size, CZ diamond ruff weight of about 1.7 times. But just as CZ diamond is also graded, and a one-carat can cost about $ 100 easily.

How do you take care of your tire

CZ engagement rings vintageCZ engagement rings are considered as other jewelry. You can clean the piece, using all purpose cleaner or a specialized jewelry cleaner. Today, there is the possibility of using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. It must be remembered that the brilliance of the stone can be compromised if the film forms on the surface. Care should be taken that the surface remains clean and not come into contact with harmful substances. Wipe the surface thoroughly after cleaning to ensure that the patent will remain unchanged. It may be a pseudo-diamond ring, but it is still jewelry. Small steps go a long way toward maintaining a sparkling relationship with the people to develop their jewelry.