Dark hair with green highlights

Have you ever wondered what hair color would make your eyes jump out at people across the room? Well, not every eye color will do. But let me help you to choose the Dark hair with green highlights that complements your eye color combination skin tone.

In order for green and hazel eyes:

Fair skin: Stick to light warmer undertones. If you have more green eyes, caught a pink copper undertone. More honey brownish hazels can use more golden undertones.

Medium Skin: Play between light brunette hair and medium-sized brunette. More green, try the red, if the bottom is darker to add some gold or yellow if you stick to a lighter brunettes.

Dark hair with green highlights 2013Darker skin: Keep it in a dark, accented with a lighter brown, caramel, honey, toffee. This Dark hair with green highlights combination of skin color and eye color do not need a lot of help and highlight the eyes.


Light skin, light eyes, light skin, light hair. That’s my motto. Platinum is a beautiful, if you have a short hair fan, difficult to achieve sufficiently long, but if you have a base of natural light you can achieve it. Beige is also a good choice, stick to the less prominent warm colors, while light skin and eyes.

Normal skin: like light skin girls caught as prominently as the warm shades of gold, beige, platinum can work in many cases, but be careful! Honey and caramel is great if the ground is closer to the brunette family light to medium brown.


Dark hair with green highlights imagesFair skin: the darker skin can get away with darker you should be. Most should be safe to light brown, dark brown area. There is a lot of room to play Dark hair with green highlights, experiment with red undertones, violets, blue, yellow and gold until you find a combination that makes the Deep Pacific Blues sparkle.

Dark hair with green highlights ideas