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The earliest surviving record of the engagement ring comes from Roman times. The Romans called their engagement rings. They were worn by the (now) the third finger of the left hand. The Romans introduced the idea Egyptians brought the third finger led directly to the heart. The Romans also engraved on their rings.

Debeers engagement rings 2013When the Debeers engagement rings fell, rose Gimmel ring or the Bond tradition in Europe. While sapphires, emeralds and rubies are also used, the diamond, which is the strongest mineral found in nature is seen as a symbol of unbreakable union between a man and a woman, Debeers engagement rings the wealthy and the king’s men often gave a diamond ring. Less wealthy people were content to the financial sector or the Fate ring consists of two hands clasped.

In 1700, diamond mines are found in Brazil and diamond cluster engagement rings became trendy among those who could afford them. Then, in 1870, the largest diamond in Kimberly, South Africa developed. Diamonds began to flood the market.

As a result, consists of Cecil John Rhodes, De Beers Consolidated Mines Corp. to manage the sale of diamonds in the world. Today, De Beers controls 65 percent of the world diamond market.

Since the saturation of diamonds, engagement rings, it became fashionable to have birthstones and other precious stones. Many of the tires to develop the design consisted of many different types of rocks. Diamonds were the accents and the center of these engagement rings.

Debeers engagement rings 2013The modern concept of a Debeers engagement rings is a relatively new phenomenon. In 1947, De Beers launched an advertising campaign in the United States and Western Europe, argues that “a diamond is forever.” This and subsequent campaigns created by the idea that a diamond engagement ring was a heirloom. This meant that the diamonds used are not disclosed to the shop, and almost all the diamonds were purchased new.

De Beers has also launched an advertising campaign to educate salespeople jewelry men and woman expecting that she will spend two or three times the monthly salary is an engagement ring.

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