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Dessy bridesmaid dresses is one of the most versatile and fun clothes you can incorporate into your wardrobe. It is made of luxury jersey which is incredibly flattering and suitable for all body types. Dress comes in handy, durable clear plastic bag, so I literally threw it every expansion, and took it out when I needed it, does not need ironing.

Dessy bridesmaid dresses 2013I have been a dress a few months now, and worn around the world. Now, when I’ve got it sussed, here are my tips from Dessy bridesmaid dresses special occasion, a destination wedding or bridesmaid dresses (do not forget it comes in 12 colors).

1. Good underwear Foundation

I’ve been wearing a pair of nude Spanx underneath and white bandeau bra, where possible. Some styles may be slightly different bra or foundation garment, but feel a little safer to something below. I found this by accident a few wardrobe malfunctions, especially on cold days!

2. Take the time to try

The dress is easy to throw on and it looks good, but it’s worth taking the time to tie it well and adjust the ruching so it looks good for pictures. I do not think I’ve used the possibilities yet!

3. Tie it on!

When you wrap the dress around you, you can take it pretty tight without worrying stretch material. Get someone to help you recover and secure the ends tightly. I once tied too loosely and it started to drop, but has not been a problem, because:.

4. Have fun!

Dessy bridesmaid dresses imagesIt’s incredibly fun to dress, so to play with and see what the original styles you can create yourself. I’m thinking of visiting a craft store to get some accessories, such as a rope made of gold Grecian inspired look, or brooches to decorate the front of the Dessy bridesmaid dresses. The possibilities are literally endless!

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