DIY nail ideas toes

Creating simple nail designs is fun, but it can be a lot of work to maintain the beauty of your nails. Sometimes it’s easier to paint your nails right out of the bottle and keep it going. Fortunately, simplicity meets creativity with this DIY nail ideas toes design.

DIY nail ideas toes designsCreating simple nail designs on the thumb or ring finger only is gaining popularity. It allows you to add a little interest to your nails. One of the easiest things is to do some random lines on top of nail polish. For the base color, choose red like in the picture, or whatever you prefer. Simple nail designs that use black and white lines look best in red, blue, black and pale backgrounds. You can also choose from a variety of colors to draw lines, but the black and white are popular. Just be sure to use the DIY nail ideas toes so that your strokes are nice and thin. If you do not have nail art brush, you can use a regular nail polish, but be careful that the lines are not too thick.

Finishing up simple nail designs

From the left side of your nail, draw several black and white lines. These lines almost look like they are building on the same site. Ensure that the lines are needed to increase the length of coincidences. Your lines should also curve slightly upwards or downwards as shown in Fig.

DIY nail ideas toes 2013The other ring finger, you will be able to create similar DIY nail ideas toes designs or to be spontaneous and change it. The appearance looks good. If you decide to change it, this time you should start at the top left corner of your nail.

DIY nail ideas toes for beginner