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If you are planning Dresses turkey weddings for their honeymoon, here are some great tips and information on the main landmarks and regions.

Turkey’s seven regions, each with its own food, customs and cultures. It would be a Herculean task to visit all regions of the country in a journey. Find out which areas can give you the most leisure activities, and the other to visit on your next trip to Turkey.

Mountainous Southeastern Anatolia Region

Dresses turkey weddings imagesSoutheastern Anatolia Region is a land of volcanoes set high in the mountains. Said to Noah’s Arc landed on Mount Ararat in this area. The population in this area is scarce, and the rest of the area consists of the Dresses turkey weddings or the rugged highlands in the north and east of the vast lands and weathered rock. The main cities in this area are Mardin, Kilis, Diyarbakir and Adiyaman.

The enchanting Mediterranean

Stunning coastline with its many sandy beaches, many tourists as the crow flies while visiting the Aegean region of Turkey. Rugged cliffs and olive groves are a stunning backdrop to the azure waters. The archaeological ruins of the five thousand year old civilization waiting for you to explore in the same landscape and beautiful scenery await admiration. Water is king in this area, and the sailors and water sports enthusiasts will find no shortage of things.

Fertile Mediterranean

The majority of Turkish agriculture in this region. The climate is warm, fertile land, and crops such as cotton and corn are usually grown in irrigated plains. Mediterranean region also has large cities such as Antakya in its own port, a major center of business in Turkey.

The Black Sea Region

Dresses turkey weddings 2013A large part of the coast of the Black Sea is unavailable, only a few valleys, narrow interior of the coast. It is the Dresses turkey weddings because of the rushing water nearby rivers. Commercial cultivation is prevalent in this area. Visit Rize, Tokat and Bayburt when traveling through the area.

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