Dressing Cool for Guys for Dating

Guys, you should look cool when you tell somebody who you care of about your feeling. Let me tell you a little secret about girls. Girls are unstable. Their decision can be changed and not fixed. Well, maybe your girl likes you because you are cute and nice. But, she will go away and forget her feeling fast if you dress up yourself miserably. That is why you need to look your best. You must not want the girl runaway just because you are not stylish. Avoid that moment by choosing a nice outfit. If you have no idea in doing the mission, you had better find inspiration of dressing cool for guys. You will have so many recommended items to try for your special dating then.

Dressing cool for guys CasualDeciding what outfits to wear for dating is challenging. Before grabbing the items of dressing cool for guys, you need to know where you are going to go for the dating. If it is just watching a softball or other sport matches, a t-shirt with jeans and an unbuttoned plaid shirt is good. You will look sporty and cool with the style. Sneakers will finish the look perfectly. If the place is romantic casual, you can wear a white t-shirt with dark jeans or grey pants. Cover your top with a black coat. Accessorize the style with a scarf. Loafers or boots are better than sneakers. If you want to look smart in the dating, you can wear a polo shirt with vest and pants. But, you need to know the principle of dressing cool for guys first. Don’t ever wear sneakers and a polo shirt for your candle light dinner.

Dressing cool for guys 2013Those are several examples of dressing cool for guys. You can apply that based on the place where you are dating. The most important thing is that all should be in a proper portion. Don’t be too overwhelming in choosing the outfits. Simple will be so much better than a livelier costume. You can add some accessories like a straw hat, a wrist watch, and many more to make your look more sophisticated and fashionable.

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