Ear piercings types

Here is a brief introduction to the types of piercings. You should consult with them before getting pierced. This allows you to choose the one that suits you.

Ear Piercing

Ear piercings types for girlsEar piercings types is by far the most common piercing saw. Women have pierced earlobes for decades, and the men begin to do the same for the last 40 years. Earlobe piercing is a socially acceptable piercing. Most employers with at least a small earring in each block, a block for safety reasons. This can be a simple design, or to show solidarity and a member of the social group. Soldiers, especially naval officers would pierce his left earlobe as the show camaraderie Gay men pierce their right earlobe that show “gay pride”. This is no longer the case. Men and women now pierce one or both earlobe, either once or several times during the self expression.

Ear piercings types for girlsAlso common are ear cartilage piercing. Lesbians have started Ear piercings types, upper right corner of solidarity for the same reason. It is widely known symbology piercings elsewhere ears. Most parts of the ear cartilage can safely need an experienced professional.

Nose Piercing

Ear piercings types wikiThe nose is traditionally pierced in two places, the first of which offset to one nostril. Generally, the smaller studs placed at this location. The other is a cartilage piercing through the septum, or the middle part of the nose. This piercing is affectionately called “Responsible facial piercing”, as if a small U-shaped rod placed there, piercing can easily be turned back into the nostrils. This makes the Ear piercings types more difficult to detect.

Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercing vertical upper and lower surface of the tongue. This piercing is said to provide growth of pleasure oral sex, but most have this piercing for aesthetic reasons. The condition of the jewelry, this piercing heals very quickly, but special attention should be given to using metal jewelry. Metal can damage the gums and tooth enamel.