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There are many famous names in fashion who also design wedding dresses and designer bridesmaid dresses. Of these, the most notable names are Elie saab bridal, Alexander McQueen, Simone CarVal, and Elie Saab.

Although there are an infinite number of designers, these are the most recognized and respected designers. Vera Wang collection for 2010, gives the floor length gowns and knee length dresses. The majority of dress colors, shades of deep purple, dark navy, and various shades of brown. But the knee-length dresses shades of champagne, purple and white. The primary feature of this collection is a tape strips, which can be found in the waist of each dress. Halter necklines generally or sleeveless variety.

Elie saab bridal 2013This season, Elie saab bridal designer bridesmaid dresses are so imaginative and inventive as his other works. Runway of her dresses mainly consists of chenille and silk. Lace overlays in shades of red and blue were on the whole collection. Petticoat and tulle and feathers borrowed dresses fuller skirts. The dress is knee length ranged from the floor. Simone CarVal collection tend to follow seasonal trends in terms of length. Her dresses were almost all unanimously strapless. Her color was quite unusual, with the primary colors are shades of ivory and white. They were not part of the full-bodied McQueen dresses, choosing rather to be stream-lined.

Elie saab bridal gownsElie saab bridal designer bridesmaid dresses were different shades of pastels such as pinks and blues. Fabrics were mainly tulle, lace and organza. Saab’s dresses appeared in a variety of lengths, but the highest hemline did not rise more than two inches around the knee. Tints and shades of dresses are usually a bit stupid colors dark green, deep lilacs, and dark blues. Gowns were free of embellishments.

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