Emerald cut engagement rings

Emerald cut engagement rings are perfect for the bride-to-be who want something a little out of the ordinary … which causes the coveted ‘gasp’ when she shows it off. This is an elegant style of the diamond, which gets great reaction, but without taking a big bite out of your budget.

Emerald cut engagement rings for womenEmerald cut engagement rings, as the name suggests, is cut in the same style that was originally used only emeralds. Emerald is relatively hard stone, but is known to a large number of naturally-occurring internal fault. These errors cause the emeralds is very easy to break … which makes the cutting them challenge. The solution was to use a stepped, rectangular cut-cut corners. It was not long before this surgery was used with other stones such as diamonds.

Emerald cut engagement rings are more dramatic flashes of light as a traditional round diamond counterparts. Tall, slim lines create an elegant, graceful ring in a wide variety of set styles. Emerald cuts look especially wonderful long, tapering fingers.

Emerald cut engagement rings vintageYou pay less than the traditional round brilliant cut diamond, or the trendy princess … but not because the quality is less. The only reason why these rings cost less, because they are so often chosen! Emerald cut engagement rings of the same carat weight and the scale of the round brilliant costs about a thousand dollars less.

Still, you want to pay attention to quality with a reduction. Because the surgery is so open, no error is much more prominent. You will have at least one good sign, in which the color classification of G and the clarity of VS2. If you want a traditional emerald cut engagement ring, look for a stone the width to length ratio of 1.5:1. However, you can choose from different sizes and shapes, more rectangular more square.

Emerald cut engagement rings yellow gold