Emerald engagement rings

Why would someone choose Emerald engagement rings? Generally speaking most people think diamonds when they think of the obligations tires, but this is not always the case. It may simply be that they want a way to show emerald or it may be that their favorite color is green. But there is much more to the decision to buy the emerald engagement ring than these simple factors. The earliest known emeralds were found near the coast of the Red Sea in Upper Egypt and Afghanistan, but much has changed, because nowadays the best emeralds are found in Columbia, South America.

Name Emerald derives from the Greek “smaragdos” means a green stone, there is a lot of folklore surrounding the properties of Emerald, was thought to provide a cure for all leprosy dysentery. Bible Emerald is one of the jewels “breastplate of Judgment” worn by Aaron, (Exodus 28:15-30). And the literal translation from the ancient Hebrew means glowing coal.

Emerald engagement rings antiqueIts history alone exotic enough to make anyone want to choose Emerald engagement rings, and it is apt that its symbolism indicates immortality and faith. Emerald is regarded as the most powerful gemstone in terms of healing energy. Interestingly the emerald was Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone.

Emerald engagement rings for womenEmerald engagement rings is one of the “Big Five” of precious stones and is considered more valuable and rare than a diamond. Compared to other gemstones Emerald is unique, how it is formed by its beautiful color it is because of this that the emerald is one of the most attractive gemstones engagement ring. Most of the stones can be found in the gravel Pearl, emerald always found in pegmatites or granite which it was formed.

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