Engagement rings design your own

The latest trend in Engagement rings design your own is to design a one-of-a-kind ring in detail the lucky woman’s taste and style. You just choose your diamond, choose the setting and the jeweler to put the two together, you create an exceptional ring that is uniquely yours. Read on to learn to design your own engagement ring.


Engagement rings design your own onlineThe seat, which is sitting on a diamond Engagement rings design your own set up. When you begin to choose an engagement ring setting is a part of you want to explore first, because you want to make sure that it represents your girlfriend’s style. Imagine how he is, he is active? Is he a fashion forward? Is he cool? Does he have a classic taste like?

Remember, he will be wearing this ring rest of their lives, every day. You and he will ensure that the style of the ring fits her personal style is a reflection of your taste. Specifies whether you want to select a setting, which has unique features, or if you want to set, which is the key.

In order to get the perfect ring setting, we celebrate the “fifth C”, which is communication! If you do not feel comfortable talking to him in person about what he wants and ring, consider talking to his friends or family. Perhaps he has left clues about her likes or dislikes, or maybe you can discreetly ask for her input jewelry that you see in stores, or friends.

Of course, you are part of this decision, but want to make sure that the ring setting you select is typical of his way of life.


Now that you have selected, now is the time to pick up a diamond “focal point” is the ring – the diamond! Some guys can be a diamond since heirlooms, or perhaps one of his grandmothers antique engagement rings. But if you do not already have the diamond, it is important to keep in mind the traditional “Four Cs” – cut, color, clarity and carat weight – when picking out a diamond.

Engagement rings design your own vintageCarat weight refers to the size of the Engagement rings design your own. And when all is relevant, it is important not to sacrifice the other three Cs to get the biggest diamond possible. Ideally, you want to get the best quality and the best size diamond for your budget.
Cut describes the shape of the stone (emerald, princess cut, cushion cut, round, oval, rectangular, etc.) and how many facets are cut or how much gloss will appear on the diamond
Color implies a lack of color of the stone (less color the better), or is it gray or yellow, or a rare color like pink or blue
Clarity determines how clear the stone is, and whether it has a few small inclusions (somewhere, out of the blue, bubble, or a line, which occurred when the diamond was formed deep in the ground yet), or errors, which are visible with or without a microscope.

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