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Before you get to the creative part, you must first prepare to do your own nail designs. In other words, it is best to give yourself a quick manicure or pedicure before nail art. Beautiful bare feet look great in a nice pair of shoes, but not if you have dry, ashy feet. You want your feet to appear radiant by using the appropriate foot care products to Fet nail design ideas.

Fet nail design ideas for girlsIf you already take care of your hands and feet, you may only need to apply lotion before doing your nails. At a minimum, wash your hands or feet and apply lotion. After applying lotion, take a towel and rub it well across each nail. Also use the towel on your hands. This will remove all oils nails nail art stays in place when you use it later. Then you should cut the nails of the shape you want them for your nail designs. In general, people follow the natural shape of their nails, either square, round or triangular. Nail file can shape and trim your nails easily without removing too much of the Fet nail design ideas.

Fet nail design ideas 2013Follow up by applying clear nail polish on all your nails. This protects the nail and nail polish to prevent staining of your nails. Choose a color nail polish and apply it on the clear coat. Now you are ready to create nail art magic! Be creative and design Fet nail design ideas. The second article in this series will show you step by step how to create your own nail designs. If you are eager to get started, you can dip a toothpick nail polish and make flower nail designs. If you use nail decals, pick one out carefully with tweezers and place it on your nail. Fill out a thin layer of clear nail polish to keep everything in place and you’re done!

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