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Zara clothing company founded by Amancio Ortega Gaina. He is not only the eighth-richest man in the world (according to Forbes), but also a world figure in the fashion industry. The company was founded in 1975 in La Coruna. Their mother company – Inditex Group (Industrias de DISECO Textil Sociedad Anynima in Spanish) had little effect on Zara unique policies – Zara has always been the innovators, and their owners usually do not care what Zara does, as long as it is profitable. Their first shop in the main street of Corunna was a great success and the brand expanded to other cities in 1980, when the Portuguese and finally – the United Kingdom. Now Formal dresses zara has shops all over the world, and they continue to grow.

Formal dresses zara 2013The company has achieved the highest sales volumes recently, due to its popularity in the fashion world is enormous. There are more than 1,500 stores in more than 70 countries and more opening every year. Formal dresses zara unique clothes and accessories are successfully sold to a variety of customers, crossing the barriers of culture, politics, and the people on the way to the customer. Team a little less than 300 designers outrunning the whole fashion world productivity, since it only takes two weeks to manufacture and deliver new clothes in stores.

Formal dresses zara imagesThere are over 11,000 new clothing pieces produced each year. The company productivity record, which is to defeat the opponent by at least three times. Change in product mix every month in the UK, so you can visit the store every month and you’ll find that everything is new. The newest thing is selling children’s clothes. The Formal dresses zara stores are called Kiddy’s Class, and they can be found in some parts of Europe, and although the company plans to expand further.

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