Georgio armani cologne is the perfect holiday gift for her

Imagine, if you will, walking down the street a warm spring day. You pass a bakery and suddenly reminded of a family kitchen with a child. But it is not just a general memory inspired by the aroma of baking bread. Do you remember a specific date. Do you remember what your mother wore. Do you remember what time of day it was. Do you remember what it felt like.

Georgio armani cologne 2013There are all sorts of times in our lives when the smell will bring up the memory. Go about your daily business, and suddenly you find that a particular odor is conjured up the familiar memory Georgio armani cologne.

This is due to the fact that the sense of smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. That’s because the olfactory bulb (linked to the sense of smell) is a part of the brain’s limbic system. The brain’s limbic system is so closely related to the internal memory, the researchers often refer to it as the “emotional brain.”

When you’re young is when you encounter the most odor for the first time. Therefore, the brain conjures up memories. If you smell something for the first time as a teenager, you may remember these years, if you can smell again later. In fact, children who are exposed to things like cigarette smoke, alcohol, garlic or even while still in the womb I prefer this smell when they get older.

The Georgio armani cologne is an important part of our lives, and it changes with the seasons. The smell of new life in spring is totally different from the smell of the leaves in the fall. Winter, as well, have their own separate odor.

Georgio armani cologne for menThe smell of winter can often be depressing. It brings back memories of a short, cold days and time indoors. Therefore, when winter rolls around, choosing the right Georgio armani cologne is more important than ever.

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