Georgio armani perfume

Georgio armani perfume brand was founded in 1982 and beyond Armani perfume brand has become the most exclusive international brand and is popular with men and women all over the world. It started as a typical male perfume brand aimed at men and women, sensual fragrance came later.

Georgio armani perfume for menThe most famous male perfumes are Emporia, Attitude and women’s perfume brand is a striking names such as Armani Le perfume. Aqua Di Gio cologne is a sharp aquatic fragrance that is made fro men and sensual, this masculine scent possesses a blend of citrus notes, rosemary spiciness, and ocean breezes. This is the perfect perfume used for casual wear. The real navy Georgio armani perfume highlight the distinctive character of men and women, adding grace and appeal to their personality.

The first Giorgio Armani perfume was launched in 1995, contains a blend of sweet pea and jasmine. Aqua Di Gio perfume was launched blend of marine notes, which really helps to increase masculinity attractive man. Giorgio Armani is a very common name among the elite class, that they love to wear their scents, and he certainly has become a power house of perfume and fashion.

Georgio armani perfume for womenGeorgio armani perfume is an upscale perfume brand, so you can easily find it in upscale cosmetic stores. Some people also prefer to buy Armani perfume from airports in that they consider the ideal place to buy them you can purchase branded perfumes for tax-free. This is certainly the most cost-effective way to get the value for perfumes and so they are less expensive than if you buy at outlets.

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