Gold spandex pants

With so many colors in mens shirts today it is sometimes difficult to know what shirt goes to what pants and what color shirts should be worn on different occasions. While many men will find themselves drawn to Gold spandex pants, once they get them home they never quite sure what to wear with them or what kind of occasions these shirts are most suitable.

Casual Look

Gold spandex pants for womenOne of the reasons men are drawn to black dress shirts is that black shirts what style never seem to actually do it under the general category. Unless you are the rare man who can make anything look stylish and formal it is best to avoid wearing that black shirt for job interviews and business meetings, with more Gold spandex pants look is encouraged. Despite this, there are many situations where a black dress shirt can make the perfect statement and also help you to stand out and look smart.

Great Apparel Wear black blouse

When the men in black dress suit can really stand out and make an impression on a date that you want to dress up a casual look. Your date will be pleased that you took the trouble to wear a nice shirt, pants and tie for the occasion, but do not go overboard. You can also use a black dress shirt if your office dress policy is such that just dress shirts and pants are acceptable attire. These shirts also go well at parties where you can dress up a casual style pants or jeans.

What colors go well with black dress shirt

Gold spandex pants imagesIf you plan to use a Gold spandex pants you are going to want to be very careful when choosing what color pants and tie to go with this shirt. You are going to want to avoid wearing this shirt a white dress unless you want to watch a movie hit man or someone still disco dances. You also want to avoid the white tie and shoes as well. Most Browns also pour choice to wear a black dress than two colors seem to class a little and makes you look a bit dull and boring. Nevertheless, here’s a combination that looks good on a black shirt.

Gold spandex pants short