Hairstyles for teenage guys

Many of the mothers who are curious about what the best boys hairstyles are when it comes to their teenage son. As a teenager, the need to feel cool and to identify their friends is important. Was not satisfied with the old short usual hairstyle, they want a new style that looks awesome. But what styles Hairstyles for teenage guys are available though?

Girls have many options to choose from, and they can go to the tab or let your hair down, or use the curls or keep it straight, but the boys are not so many options.

Hairstyles for teenage guys 2013Teen boys are not so keen on the middle path Hairstyles for teenage guys that looks like a book and mainly warn IT nerds. This is also known as a clown appearance and not much alike. In addition, it looks terribly oily and fatty and unless accompanied by glasses, it will not work.

What about the spiky hairdo? Old, is not it? This look can still be used today, nothing wrong with that, but teenage boys want something new. This style may be a little dated.

Hairstyles for teenage guys imagesNew Hairstyles for teenage guys among guys is Mohawk. The famous soccer player David Beckham had brought this cool and easy to deal with life style.

What is the Mohawk, the line in the middle of the head with long hair and shorter hair on both sides of the head. This style is based on the 80’s punk rock look.

Mohawk has changed little and the hair is longer in the front and messy looking.

Hairstyles for teenage guys with curly hairMichael Schofield prison break hairstyle is another very popular look. The prisoner look is most wanted at the moment. It also has a neat and suitable for all hair types. The boys, however, bear in mind that you need a complete head to use this hairstyle as dents just does not fly.

Hairstyles for teenage guys with wavy hair