Honey blonde hair color

Honey blonde hair color is the best way to change your look and attitude. Hair Coloring definitely improve a person’s appearance and many products to choose from in the market.

Honey blonde hair color 2013Temporary dyes – This can give a new look to your hair, but not for long. A thin layer of toner is applied to the hair, which is not very harmful. Effect of temporary coloring hair is more light than dark hair.
Semi-permanent dyes – This is more permanent than temporary dyes, they contain an oxidizer is smaller. Colors Honey blonde hair color can not lose 20 shampooing. To give hair more shine and fullness and spice up your hair.

Permanent dyes – These are universal colors that can give you any effect you need. They include strong oxidizing agents, which have a negative effect on hair. They are used to achieve a strong bold colors and even brighter shades are available.
Lightening – You can also perform a lightening hair, making hair 3-5 times brighter than it is. But this can sometimes destroy the hair texture, after this operation, you must wash your hair special shampoos and balms that are inconvenient.

Tips for hair colors

Honey blonde hair color ideasIf you choose freckles brunette or Honey blonde hair color deep color can not choose for you. Only small and clear skin should choose one of these colors.

If you have a red skin should choose the red shades of hair color (such as red wine, mahogany, etc.)
If you have a cold, you can choose skin gray, blonde, red or black color.

If you have a peach-colored skin to try honey blonde, deep chocolate brown or deep rusty hues.
It is important to keep the complexion, eye color, etc., while choosing a Honey blonde hair color. People with blue eyes and pale skin color must be chosen light hair shades, dark-eyed people should choose a darker hair colors, etc.

Honey blonde hair color style

Honey blonde hair color trends