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Need Inexpensive engagement rings are or whether they all cost an arm and a leg? The first thing most guys want to know how much they should spend a feast for the eyes. Here are some interesting facts:

– According to the survey in 2002 by Conde Nast Bridal Group, publisher of Bride and Modern Bride, $ 3,576 average price for an engagement ring.

– It is a popular mantra for the jewelry industry, which proposes the use of “two months’ salary” (not sure if this is before or after tax)

Inexpensive engagement rings  under 500You will need to use what you feel comfortable with. Society sends us many confusing messages about love and marriage. They emphasize the timeless and unconditional love while simultanteously encourages us to show the extent of our love by buying the biggest diamond we can afford. Just something to keep in mind.

Inexpensive engagement rings ideasThe fact is that Inexpensive engagement rings for about two months costs $ 500, while others draw $ 10,000 a month or more. You do not want to blow so much money that you do not have anything left other important expenses down payment house (or grocery shopping for the next week). Whether you are buying a cheap engagement ring, or which is more expensive, it is best to have a pre-set ring budget. This way, you are less tempted to spend more than you can really afford. One thing to consider is that you can always upgrade the ring road, adding additional stones, to buy a second band, etc. … This has become a very popular thing to do (a lot of my husband’s dismay … and my delight).

People who have limited funds but still want to buy what you search for bonds engagement rings. My husbanc I bought a ring Blue Nile is one of the best online jewelry stores out there that have received a lot of positive press. Their website store is very interactive and you can mix and match different stones and settings to create your own Inexpensive engagement rings.

Another good place to buy tires Monder who has won the “Best of the Web” award by Forbes. A few weeks ago, was one of the good friends with. Her husband bought the ring Monder and both are ecstatic. She loves the ring, and he thought the price and the customer service was excellent. And let me tell you, customer service is important when plunking down Gs.

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