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Jared engagement rings are sold Jared Galleria jewelry, unique jewelry store that offers a wide range of jewelry, watches, loose stones, ring mounts and services to the public. The first Jared store opened in 1993 and offer reasonable prices for very luxurious. They have many stores across the country, but most of its stores are located in the eastern United States. Jared Galleria Jewelry is also a proud supporter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For the past eight years, they have donated more than $ ten million base.

Jared engagement rings for womenBefore you start looking for Jared engagement rings, there are some things that you need to consider. You need to know what type of metal you want the ring, for example:

o Yellow gold 24 carat gold is pure gold with no other alloys. This type of gold is too soft jewelry so it is a 18 carat gold (ie 18 parts of gold and six parts of alloy) or 14 carat gold (most preferred tires, because it is 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of other elements). The alloys used are cooper and silver.

No white gold is 18 carat and 14 carat. The use of white gold alloys of copper, nickel and zinc.

Jared engagement rings princess cutNo Platinum is similar in appearance to white gold, but it is the most attractive feature is its durability. It can also develop patina over time, some people like this Jared engagement rings, but if you’re not, just return it to the cleaner shine.Next you need to know what kind of shape you want the stone. There are many popular styles.

o Round Brilliant-the most common classic cut.

No longer brilliant marquise-cut stone that is at either end.

O Princess-Usually a four-sided square slightly rectangular brilliant cut.

o Radiant-Usually, a rectangular square diamond.

No Emerald usual octagonal cut regularly rectangular.

o Asscher-Most often referred to as a square emerald cut, this stone is step-cut and square cut corners.

o Heart-Extra fanciful cut in the shape of a heart.

o Oval-Similar to the round brilliant cut, the cut is slightly oval.

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