Lace Strapless Wedding Dress with A Modern Touch

If you are interested in meeting classic and modern in your wedding, you have to start the preparation several months before the D day. You can give the responsibility for the venue, decoration, and other things for the wedding organizer you hire. However, choosing a dress is different deal to do. You have to decide what dress you are going to wear for the meaningful day in your life. So, just focus on the dress and what you wear to look perfect in your day. As a bride, that is normal if you want to be a center of people’s attention in the location. The best way to attract their attention is by wearing a wonderful dress that can make you like a goddess. For the dress, to create the classic and modern ambience as you want, a lace strapless wedding dress is perfect to choose.

Lace strapless wedding dress styleWith the dress, you can get a classic look from the material that is lace. Well, it has been known that lace is the icon of classic fashion. Then, for a modern touch, the strapless design gives that hint. Classic wedding dresses are designed with full coverage. High neckline was also preferable at that time. So, you can involve your modern value by choosing a strapless dress which is able to expose your beauty through open shoulders. Exposing woman’s beauty is the characteristic of modernity in fashion. In addition, contemporary look can also be gained by keeping the dress design simple. Center point should be put on one spot only. It can be said that a simple lace strapless wedding dress is the best choice to combine classic and modern wedding.

Lace strapless wedding dress imagesSpeaking of the model of lace strapless wedding dress, a chic skirt style should be chosen to complete the strapless bodice. Well, if you want to look gorgeous in a modest way, empire waistline is a good model for the bodice. Another one is mermaid or trumpet skirt. That model can push classy and fashionable look on your style. A-line skirt is also awesome for a strapless top. If you like a ball gown dress, you can apply it with several adjustments. The lace can be employed for the train and layers of the ball skirt.

Lace strapless wedding dress with sash