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Theme dress is worried about what people are doing to their bodies and what they are used to provide information about themselves. Dress on a number of factors, such as age, gender, socioeconomic status, marital status, occupation, religion, color, and object symbolism, iconography and art history, as well as communication, transport and the economy at the local, national and international level. Modern arabic dresses is used by people to distinguish between groups that are covered and those that do not, and to a certain group, it is used to indicate social hierarchy. These, and many other factors the concept of dress and identity. Despite the importance of dress, there are relatively few books and articles on Islamic dress and fashion as compared to, for example, illustrated manuscripts, carpets, or theological studies.

Modern arabic dresses ClassicIt is also a natural tendency to combine textiles and Modern arabic dresses, but closely related, they should not be seen as synonymous. Studies of the Islamic dress and accessories tend to dominate a number of specific topics, namely textiles Tiraz the Middle Ages, the role of the history of art (woven) fabrics, gold and silver jewelry, and today (female) hijab (Islamic or right) of clothes. The latter is usually interpreted as “veils and veiling”, but actually covers a much wider range of clothing. In the last few decades or so, the remaining patients received more attention, such as a variety of regional dress in the Islamic world, the role of the Jewish producers, Muslims and Christians of the Islamic world markets, the concept of man’s hijab, and the future role of fashion designers to present Islamic fashion scene.

Modern arabic dresses 2013Some of the topics have been left out of this bibliography of Modern arabic dresses and dress Muslim groups outside of Central and South-West Asia and North Africa. This was a conscious choice based on geography rather than cultural or religious background. In addition, it was decided to focus on a group of Muslims and Christians, for example, a Jew or Zoroastrians.

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