Moissanite engagement rings

We have all seen the ads for diamond jewelry, dramatic music, stylish scenes and some of the slogans requires that diamonds are the only acceptable gem for an engagement ring. But they are still the only option?

Moissanite engagement rings 2013Buying an engagement ring is a very personal, intimate and unique experience. Feelings and those planned to be kept, and no rights or wrongs of what you like. A couple who want a classic beauty and brilliance of the diamond is more affordable price, consider the Moissanite engagement rings.

Moissanite is not the same as quartz. Moissanite is a mineral, silicon carbide. In 1893, discovered a man named Henri Moissan mineral, meteorite fragment, and gave it its name. Moissanite is a rare, almost non-existent on the planet, so the researchers produce it in the laboratory. Only recently, in the mid 1990s, some people figured it would make a good gemstone.

Moissanite engagement rings styleMoissanite engagement rings actually refracts light better than the diamonds do. This means that it takes the light to flash it back and more powerful than a diamond does not, which leads to a moissanite stone look even more brilliant than a diamond. Plus, there’s only so long as the diamond, and do not cost as much.

Moissanite engagement rings trendsIt sounds too good to be true? There is a potential downside: Moissanite engagement rings stones may be slightly grayish or greenish shades in bright sunlight. So make sure you see how it looks in different lighting conditions. In addition, it is more expensive than zirconia.

Let us consider why a diamond ring is a classic and traditional symbol of commitment. Diamonds are always valuable, and it is to the patience, the aptly symbolic of a permanent loving commitment. Diamonds are also valued by being completely colorless and can refract light in such a way interest.