Oval nail art designs

Nail designs have become quite popular these days, and every girl wants to carry on one or the other such design so that she too can look ultra trendy! But not all of you have the time and even zeal to go to nail salons or beauty parlors and get the art of making nails. You do not have to worry about it, you can also make these designs at home-its simple! And what’s more, you do not need to know, the painting and use the brush to do Oval nail art designs. There are many other options that are not at all messy. You just need to get them and use them. Here are some options for you to get started making nail designs at home.

Use Nail Art Stickers

Oval nail art designs imagesDecal stickers, as the name suggests, stick to your nails to make them beautiful. You just have to buy some attractive decals stickers beauty salon and follow the instructions there only package includes these labels. Generally, you must give the masses, place the label on your and gently press down to create Oval nail art designs. Finally, you must apply top coat to seal the design.

Use Nail Art Pens

These pens are one of the easiest ways to do nail design. They have a precision brush and yet easy to use. You must apply to the masses and let it dry. And then just use the design of the pen, if you prefer paper or so. Let it dry and then close the surface of the paint.

Use Nail Art Canes

Oval nail art designs ideasPolymer clay is efficiently used by many nail products manufacturers to make canes in attractive design. They are mostly handmade with beautiful design. Their diameter is in the range from 1/8 inch (3 mm), 1/2-inch (14 mm). Although they are small size, their design is fully visible. You just have to take a sharp knife and cut it into slices from these canes. Some of them are heated before cutting. You should enter these design slices in your acrylic or gel Oval nail art designs. They can also be used in nail polish. However, acrylic based paint the best sugar cane slices.

Oval nail art designs style