Peacock fancy dress ideas

Peacock fancy dress ideas is really something nice to be held this Halloween. It has colorful clothes, daring and trendy outfits perfect for teens and adults. They are different than other animal costumes for Halloween described. If you want to use a colorful and sexy peacock costume, so here are the simple steps on how to create a nice Peacock costume that would really be perfect for you this Halloween.

Materials needed:

• All old blue dress
• 2 m (or more) of the fabric chiffon
• Yellow, green and blue sequins
• Peacock Feathers
• Ribbon
• Glue gun and glue stick
• Scissors, needle and thread

Step 1: Make Dress

Peacock fancy dress ideas for kidsIf you have a nice sexy blue dress wardrobe, so you do not have a lot of changes. But if you have the old floor-length dresses 60s or 70s, you should cut some of the length of the dress and make it into a mini dress. You can uncover some of the legs and trust. We try to create a sexy Peacock fancy dress ideas, it would be awesome, and looks not funny when worn.

Step 2: Make a Tail

The common peacock tail fed. , But they are not really airing at any time. That’s why we just try to shut the tail of a peacock. We need a few meters chiffon fabric. Fold it in half and tie the folded part of the band. Divided into four parts in fabric, cut it if you want, fold part of it and sew the end of the ribbon or just tie it up. Then attach the back of a dress just like her.

Step 3: Add information

Peacock fancy dress ideas BabyGet your glue stick and put sequins all over the dress and tail. Be creative and get the look you want. You can actually sew sequins individually, but it would take a lot of effort and time. Thus, just kidding glue gun and glue stick and be creative with Peacock fancy dress ideas.

Step 4: Head Dress

You can wear your hair up like you usually do, or you can just tie it with a ribbon. Page
peacock feather hair headdress. If you can not find a peacock feather, you can also use a nice colorful ostrich it. But remember to attach a motive, though, and choose blue or green.

Peacock fancy dress ideas unique