Peacock print prom dress

Your wedding is your chance to let your imagination run wild! Why create a common occurrence when you can create extraordinary fantasy world in a day? These are some inspirational ideas for over-the-top wedding themes.

Peacock print prom dress partyThere is no reason why you need to play Peacock print prom dress safe when it comes to the design and theme of the wedding. After all, the wedding will probably be the most amazing party that will never be thrown, so take advantage of it and plan an unforgettable event that will blow your guests away. This is an excellent opportunity to indulge your passion for theater and love of the historical era or a favorite hobby.

Peacock print prom dress 2013One of the most amazing wedding themes is a Peacock print prom dress. You can take the theme further and make it a Venetian masquerade. This is a great theme for your wedding, especially on New Year’s Eve. Choose a palette of rich jewel tones like emerald green, royal purple, and turquoise. These colors can be used throughout the wedding to create an incredible atmosphere.

The bride, of course, like to have a really impressive full ballgown ornate custom bridal jewelry, such as a large crystal pendant necklace and chandelier earrings. Naturally, your guests will not be part of the fun. Invitations should be informed that there is a masquerade wedding, and you can have beautiful handmade masks to pass out to each guest for the reception (some of the masks are so impressive that they are truly works of art), this would be a great wedding favor by using Peacock print prom dress , so ease.

If your taste runs to fun and playful, circus theme could be the perfect wedding. This can be done in such a way that there is a lighthearted without being immature. Start with a striped tent “Big Top”. The bright primary colors like red, yellow and blue are ideal for table linens and chair covers. Established stations favorite circus treats like cotton candy, popcorn, sno-cones, and after dinner. If your budget allows, a young couple did not even make the entrance to the reception elephant. Just be sure to leave out the clowns, you do not want to take any of eager guests!

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