Platinum and Blue Prom Dresses for Dark and White Skinned Girls

If you think that pink, lavender, green, black, white, and yellow are usual for coming to a prom party, platinum will be a good solution to help you out from the boringness. The color is helpful to push up your glamour and classiness. Whatever the brand is, even though you pick a cheap dress, a platinum dress will look fancy on your body. In addition, you pick the dress which is completed with blue to create a bold. The result shows that it works. Blue and platinum are nice together. In the evening, people’s jaw will drop when they are looking at you in the dress. Other girls will be so jealous for it. So, I have no words anymore to explain how adorable platinum and blue prom dresses . Pick one to accompany you to the party. You will be surprised with what you get after that.

Platinum and blue prom dresses imagesThe concept of platinum and blue prom dresses can be various. For the dominant color whether it is blue or platinum, it depends on which color looks better on your skin. For girls whose skin tone is dark, platinum is nice to dominate the dress. But, white skinned girls had better wear blue to balance their pale skin. Pick a platinum dress with blue accessories. For instance, pick a V neck dress with A line cutting for the skirt. Sleeveless and empire styling are beautiful for the dress. The dress is hard to b resisted because it looks nice with ruched bodice. For blue accent, you can add simple blue waistline. Wear blue earrings so that the waistline will not stand alone.

Platinum and blue prom dresses 2013The second one of platinum and blue prom dresses is a domination of blue color. You are able to prefer a short or long dress. That depends on what impression you want to get when wearing the dress. If you want to get a feminine look, a long one is nice. But, if you are an energetic girl who thinks that a long dress can limit your movement, a short dress is better. You can get the platinum ornamentations on the blue dress like platinum beads, platinum embroideries, or platinum laces. After getting the best dress you like, support your appearance with matching shoes and jewelries.

Platinum and blue prom dresses style