Round cut engagement rings

The word is derived from the Anglo-Saxon engagement “troweth” refers to the truth. As a way to get the truth espoused the promise of love, loyalty and honor, and symbolized with an engagement ring. This tire has given the man’s wife, he made a promise and a woman, in turn, goes to show everyone that she loves a man.

Round cut engagement rings solitaireRound cut engagement rings or engagement rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand. According to a former special atmosphere – Vena Amoris (vein of love) is the third finger, which is directly related to the heart. Circular rings mean endlessness, unity and perfection.

Today, engagement rings come in a variety pear-shaped cushion cut engagement rings. These rings are not only diamond stones, but also other fine stones.

Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald

Diamonds are beautiful, durable and valuable a symbol of love, affection, and also the passion. It has various colors: colorless grades, light yellow, red, and black. Inclusion of this stone is a popular choice for many colorless grades of stones represents pure love, the most popular color.

Round cut engagement rings jaredRed Ruby Round cut engagement rings is another inexpensive stone engagement ring. The red color of romance, it is the strength and confidence. Ruby is the July birth stone and keep happiness in Chinese culture, an ideal wedding gift.

Blue Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, peace and youth. In the Middle Ages, sapphire is said to be protected from harm and are often worn around the neck. This stone was similar to that of Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana and Prince William recently offered his fiancee, Miss Kate Middleton.

Round cut engagement rings tiffanyEmerald Green represents fertility and nature. It is intended as a “valuable,” and the stone for those born in March. This Round cut engagement rings is used to see the truth of emotions clouded the times of ancient Egypt and Greece.

Round, Marquise, Heart and Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Most diamonds and other stones in round cut. All engagement rings are sold, most of the diamonds of about 75%. As appreciated by many couples have been cut more valuable compared to other styles. The round shape is a sign of honesty, loyalty, and of course, the traditional romance said that love has no beginning and no end, like a circle.