Short dress with blazer

Our fleet is one of the most important of our personality and social life. Nature has given men and women different features and body structures. Some women are thin, some fat, some long, some combinations, etc. Therefore, the processing is specified body types and structure. One outfit that looks great on a pear-shaped figure might not fit any woman in a rectangular body type. It is important to create a personal style statement that enhances your figure and individuality. You should never use anything just for fun, and not follow fashion trends blindly! Clothes are talking a lot about yourself so fill up your wardrobe according to your taste and suitability. Short dress with blazer Being fashionable is to use the combination of the latest trends and accessories and outfit that suits your body type and personality Fashion trends are there to help you add some variety to wear, so do not follow every fashion trend as such without personal attention. Here are a few tips for women with different body types.

Dressing tips for tall women

. The bottom should be light-colored, base colored, earthy colors, it may be associated with brightly colored t-shirts or tops.

Short sleeves dress with blazer style. Short dress with blazer for a number of buttons to create the illusion of a shorter torso.

. If you are tall and big fat at the top of the body, then the seat belt at all times above the natural waist area.

Short sleeves dress with blazer 2013. Continuous outfit from head to toe should be avoided, as it will give a long look. Knee-high boots with skirts and Short dress with blazer look good.

. In order for a shorter appearance wear long tops exceeding your feet, because it gives the illusion of shorter legs.

. Pants or trousers selected should have a cuffed appearance around the bottom, this would make the length of the pants shown less than real.

Short sleeves dress with blazer