Spring dress H & M

Spring has come around. And you are ready for new fashionable clothing for your wardrobe? Today, let’s take a look at H & M fashionable spring clothing in Spring dress H & M.

H & M stands for Hennes & Mauritz AB was founded in Sweden in 1947. It has about 1500 exclusive stores in the world. The reason it can overwhelm the street is that the company will consider the philosophy of fashion, quality and price along with a practical and positive expansion.

Spring dress H & M 2013Spring dress H & M compares perishable foods, and believes that the company is regarded as refreshment. So the goal is to reduce the inventory of goods, and continues to do for the new arrival. Fresh ideas to apply to clothing that can be fashionable dresses.

This season’s styles in 70 become the focus. These clothes are beautiful colors, fine cutting methods and charm of graceful design. And H & M will continue to introduce environmental protection materials are organic fibers and synthetic fibers, pay more attention to fashion models to out of the boutique and classic clothing.

The designer Ann-Sofie Johansson says that the clothing is not surprising season changes and you can match them with dresses last season.

Spring dress H & M collectionWhite and cream color clothes are classic styles in the spring. Spring dress H & M give you a clean and natural feel. White dress may not edit slim honor of hanging the cloth so that makes an elegant feel. Cream skirt can also display reputation and it gives you a feeling of mild. Two styles can be adapted to a white or cream colored jewelery to the natural state.

Spring dress H & M style