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Vera Wang is known as one of the biggest wedding dress designers of our time. What most people do not know that he is also the perfume business. He has come out with a number of good-smelling perfumes, which are much good reviews from many people. It was not easy to make these perfumes because they had to keep up the reputation of a famous designer. Vera wang perfume was supposed to be perfect, if it was to survive on the free market. He did not want them to be sold simply because a reliable brand, he wanted to create a perfume that women would cherish and love. Not too underestimated, he went on to conquer the world one perfume bottle at a time.

Vera wang perfume for menThe first Vera wang perfume came out like a bat out of hell. It was introduced in “Vera Wang Perfume” in 2002. This proved to be his best selling fragrance and won two prestigious awards in 2003. This special perfume was known to be a hit with brides, but still very accessible for a night out on the town. Never leave home without it. I would recommend it if you are looking for a stylish and sophisticated scent. It’s not overpowering at all, but surrounds you with the sweet sexy feminine scent. Vera wang perfume is a cool bottle that looks like a heart-shaped necklace. Although not expensive, it is available at prices ranging from $ 45 for 1oz spray bottle to $ 72 for 3.4oz spray bottle.

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