Victorian long dress

The Victorian era has been characterized as the era of cultural reform, industrial upgrading, social, and artistic styles, a thriving architecture, scientific advances, and gracious living. During this period of boom in the engineering industry and services, and thus it is also called as the second Renaissance. The Victorian long dress era gave way to the beginning of the modern era.

Victoria’s wedding was a question of great splendor and festivities, quite similar to a wedding taking place today! Sophisticated and elegant wedding dresses worn these days are quite popular right now. Many brides think that these wedding dresses are closely related to the traditional wedding styles, and they want the same be replicated in their wedding as well.

Victorian long dress for womenVictorian long dress is usually made of white silk, high corsage and a long veil of white tulle floor-length. Dresses were fitted bodice and a long, flowing skirt with shiny white material. White was generally not a very popular color for the dress and on the other hand, the brides’ often preferred ivory or off-white color. Dresses also had tapes or bread on the bottom to enhance the beauty of the skirt. Opens or low-cut bodices were worn as wedding dresses 1850-60’s, but in general, the Church the wedding was more concealing bodices. gloves were also worn dresses, but the seam was divided into fingers, or held in such a way that can be easily removed to place the ring.

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